Based in Haverhill, Suffolk, Terra-Vac was originally an engineering company. Being surrounded by the many studs in and around Newmarket, it was a natural fit to start engineering suction cleaning machines to clean out stables and paddocks.

This is an essential job that has to be done regularly to protect the health of horses. This practice would previously have been done manually.

The machines were an immediate success and, since1982, over 5000 machines have been produced and sold in the UK and around the world.

Terra-Vac now have a range of machines to suit all sizes of equestrian establishments and in recent years have modified them to meet the needs of other markets like ground maintenance and local authorities.

2007 was an important year, marking 25 years of the production of Terra-Vacs.

Why choose a Terra-Vac?

Quite simply, Terra-Vac machines are man enough for the job they were designed for; they have to work for many years in a very harsh environment and, therefore, they have to be tough.

At the heart of each machine is a heavy duty four bladed fan which produces an extremely strong airflow. So strong is the suction produced that large diameter hoses can be used to collect all types of material with little chance of blockage. As the material passes through the fan, it is mulched and propelled into the hopper.

Drive to the fan, whether from an engine or tractor PTO, is always via twin v-belts to provide protection against overload.

Great designs, quality components and dedicated workmanship has helped Terra-Vacs gain an enviable reputation for unbeatable performance and exceptional reliability. On the odd occasion when things do go wrong, we offer superb after sales service.

What also sets us apart is our flexibility; we understand that our customers may have special requirements, whether it be in terms of size (to fit into a building) or livery (to match corporate identity), Terra-Vac will always try to find a solution.

FREE Demonstration

Our brochures and video clips show Terra-Vacs at work. We know, however, that most users would prefer to see it doing the work for which it is intended.

For this reason, we offer a FREE onsite demonstration wherever this is possible. This offer applies to the UK only. If you live outside of the UK, we may be able to find a nearby user that you can visit so please contact us.

After Sales Service

Every Terra-Vac is built from high quality components and is designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance. All machines carry a 2 year warranty.

We offer a full service support and stock a large range of Spares for all our machines