golf-cleanerFrom small parks to prestigious golf courses, Terra-Vac machines can be found clearing leaves, cores, scarifying debris and grass clippings. Increasingly, they are also used to ‘groom’, enhancing appearance and encouraging stronger grass growth.

All of our range is manufactured to the highest standards using high quality components. This ensures a very long working life with minimal maintenance.

Exceptional value for money.

We are flexible and can modify our designs to meet a customers special requirements





Mobile suction unit for clamping to tailgate ferret_sm


Petrol, diesel or PTO tractor trailed suction machine with 1.0 or 2.0 cu.m. capacity ground_colt_sm


Tractor trailed PTO suction machine with 4 or 5 cu.m. capacity cs40_sm


7.0 cu.m. hopper capacity with hydraulic tip sweeper_sm

Hi-Tip 50

Tractor trailed suction machine with skip loading facility hitip_sm