Customers who have purchased stable and paddock cleaning equipment include The National Stud, Darley Stud Management and the Sandringham Estate.

Mobile paddock cleaners

Clamped onto the side or tailgate of any truck or trailer, converting it into a highly mobile cleaning vehicle. See the Ferret model below.

Tractor Trailed paddock cleaners

With capacities ranging from 1.0 to 7.0 cu.m. you drive whilst the machine does the cleaning for you. See models Colt and Stud for suction cleaning or Sweeper for sweeper cleaning.

All of our machines have been built to last for many years in a very harsh working environment. If you are unsure which is the most suitable cleaning machine, please call us for helpful advice.





Mobile suction unit for clamping to tailgate ferret_sm


Petrol, diesel or PTO tractor trailed suction machine with 1.0 or 2.0 cu.m. capacity colt_sm


Tractor trailed PTO suction machine with 4 or 5 cu.m. capacity stud_sm


All purpose sweeper with 7 cu.m. hopper sweeper_sm